Words on the page got me feelin myself

i want to feel your creativity with mine as they swirl and spiral together entwined

directed to this

to feel your touch on my body my face my lips my throat my neck my breast my collar my arms my hands my fingers my belly my hips my thighs, my thighs

your presence

our power playfully dances in a free fall from the sky as i nip at your chest, your neck, and claw on your back before breaking.

the force of our fall drilled into the ground as we redirect outward breaking apart and soaring

i get chills

we sink gently into the wind's current wherever it takes us, once again soaring alone.

i revel in your power, dance in it's wake as it provokes mine.

awaken from your slumber, it says, come dance with me.

so i pick up this pen and dance, and shake me awake

the tears flowing my mouth open my breath frozen

can you feel me

i only want to revel in your power

will you revel in mine?

come dance with... play in the rain of blessings and tears


pull everything in before burstin in a ray of

light shines out our love

your love takes root and claims its place

in my heart in the ground in the stream

words on the page,

you provoke me.

-Kayla Viola